How to Completely delete a Fb account

Almost all those who still use Facebook have deactivated their account at least once but the problem with deactivation of FB account is that whenever you start to miss your fb wall you just login and you simply reactivate your profile and all your information is still there.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Expectations

To all those A Game of Thrones fans who haven't read the books ,and are just following the HBO Tv Series of Game of thrones, i am obliged to say that this post may contains some spoilers from the upcoming season 5  and also some from previous seasons so if you still don't want the spoilers then don't read this post. I repeat again SPOILER ALERT!


Game of Thrones Book Set

All five novels of the epic fantasy by George R.R Martin . If you have watched the HBO series based on this book then you know how great this great world of westeros actually is . The best part about this story is that you will still love the book even if you have already watched the Tv Series and vice versa. There are a lot of details in the book that are not mentioned in the TV show . So don’t think much and get the books now.

Get a DO Follow Backlink From Google .

Getting a dofollow backlink is a tough thing as more and more of the sites are making all the outbound links as no follow .

How To Search Google Profiles of People

You can easily search Google profiles of People who have account on Google and use its services . Just go to the following search engine that searches Google plus profiles of users