Surface Plot From x,y,z Coordinates matlab

If you want to make a 3D surface plot from a set of Cartesian coordinates then it can be easily done using  Matlab .  Just follow these simple steps:

what to do when your bored at home

When you are bored at home and desperate enough to search "what to do when your bored at home" on internet , its the time you are ready to do things that you would never do otherwise. Well don't worry i am not going to suggest something stupid like shaving your head or things like that , which you may regret later especially if your head turns out to be like watermelon . 'Just Saying'.

Remove Google Cse Watermark From Search Box

If you use Google Custom search engine on your site then you will most probably want to remove the Google Custom Search watermark that appears in the search box . It can be removed very easily by just adding the following css code to your site .

Best Sites To Watch Movies Online

There are way too many sites that give you links to other sites where you can stream movies online . Most of these sites are full of ads and links that lead to useless sites .

Search movies to watch online

There are many sites that allow you to stream movies for free . You can search for movies to watch online using the following search engine .